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Control your calls 24/7

The key to managing calls to your business is having the flexibility and features to capture calls during and outside of working hours. If a single call from an existing customer or potential client is missed, the loss of business could be damaging to your turnover or company growth. Using Call Control, the calls can be captured around the clock and ensure that you never miss another important business call.

We are inbound telephony specialists, supporting and guiding UK businesses with memorable numbers and cloud based telecom solutions. Our services benefit all size of business from the SME requiring call divert to a mobile phone, up to corporate businesses with call queuing to their high volume call centre.

'My Account' gives you the tools to manage all calls in the cloud

The Number Company is the chosen provider for thousands of business customers across the UK. Our clients love the simplicity of our products and the wide range of numbers to choose.

The Number Company has a proven track record for delivering market-leading products, building a leadership position in the fast developing world of cloud-based telephony.

The aim is to continually evolve to meet your needs, whatever your size of business and whatever requirements you have. We put you in control of your telecoms.

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